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“Everyone has a star that flares up for them. The Star of Bethlehem appeared at the birth of Christ. A little personal star appears for each of us, and we are here to work hard to discover the essence of our inner self. It feels like we are wearing heavy diving suits here. Our feelings are limited by the three-dimensional space. There are certain restrictions our spirit has to overcome in order to find itself. If we go beyond the limits of time, space, and conventional thinking, then we reach our “Supreme Self” which transcends the three components.”

Nikolai Zarubin

N.Zarubin Paint Gallery

Адрес: Россия, Пермь, ул. Одоевского, 17

Телефон: +7 926 371 71 45



16 января 2011

Our site is open!

My congratulations to all the fans of the art of Nicholas Zarubin! We plan to publish a gallery of paintings of famous artist on our site.

19 января 2011

Paint gallery added!

Today we have added to the website gallery of N. Zarubin`s paintings.  

24 января 2011

Added culture widget

Added widget culture news site.

27 января 2011

Section added

In the "Catalogue" section you can see a list of all the major works of this artist.

28 мая 2012

2 Video added!!!

In the "video" posted new movie about Nicholas Zarubin: part of the movie "Homo meditans" and "Gift of wondrous beauty" of the museum diorama Osinsky

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