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“Everything that is above and below is full of great coincidences” – this utterance of Maximilian Voloshin had given Zarubin a clue to his paintings of the last period. The universe is seen as a complicated structure of the heavenly and the earthly spaces which are growing into each other with infinite numbers of reflections, intersections and coincidences. These projections of the big onto the small, and the growing of the specific into universal became the basis of the artist’s vision. This is a principle of fractals: the plurality of entities, similar yet differently scaled comprise the unity of a gigantic branched structure.


Zarubin discovered one of the most vivid natural forms symbolizing this principle: stone is a tangible manifestation of eternity. Its multi-millennial crystalline deposits formed the specific wealth and energy source of Perm region. By its geological biography, Perm is located above a gigantic crystal of salt, the prehistoric ocean bottom coming up to people through galaxies of semi-precious stones, minerals and jewels. In Solikamsk town (Perm region) Zarubin visited some mines and enjoyed fantastic patterns from the chronicles of the planet Earth, the aesthetic impressions arousing philosophical conception. Thus, intuitively, the artist found his manner of “organic painting”. His latest canvasses are jewel-like, with subtle gradations of colour and textures. This “mineralization” turns Zarubin’s painting into an infinite flow that fuses multitudes of fragmentary images and sensations into the initial continual omni-being.


16 января 2011

Our site is open!

My congratulations to all the fans of the art of Nicholas Zarubin! We plan to publish a gallery of paintings of famous artist on our site.

19 января 2011

Paint gallery added!

Today we have added to the website gallery of N. Zarubin`s paintings.  

24 января 2011

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Added widget culture news site.

27 января 2011

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In the "Catalogue" section you can see a list of all the major works of this artist.

28 мая 2012

2 Video added!!!

In the "video" posted new movie about Nicholas Zarubin: part of the movie "Homo meditans" and "Gift of wondrous beauty" of the museum diorama Osinsky

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